Working From Home

Working From Home

Now we say ‘working remotely’ or ‘virtual office’ since home can be the coffee shop or the beach, as well as your living room. Wherever it is, it isn’t The Office of a few years ago.

Alice and Jane are experienced remote workers, as they pursue their tasks no matter where they are, and they’re happy to share a few of the tips they’ve found useful in working successfully from wherever you find yourself.

– Have the right tools. Carrying several squeakies around is hard, so they like to keep a supply in all of their work places.

– Establish clear guidelines. Having several offices makes it hard to remember the rules in each. “Stay off the sofa’ doesn’t apply in the kitchen, for example, so it’s important to have reminders.

– Communicate with team members. The girls never expect others to know what they need, so they include meal and outings reminders in their daily to-do lists.

– Take frequent paw…pauses. Being on one’s own schedule can tempt one to stay at the job too long. Taking a break can renew your energy for your next nap.

– Don’t abandon your training! Alice and Jane know that their workplace offers continued encouragement, with frequent training in ‘No Bark’ and ‘Wait’- two of the most popular courses.

How is your Work From Home routine? Need a treat? Let us help