Individual coaching programs help participants work with a coach to address specific issues. Common coaching topics include interpersonal skills, presentations, confidence development, managing difficult situations, writing, and working with staff or supervisor. The individual format allows participants and coach to quickly identify problems and craft solutions.


Coaching programs are scheduled in two formats:

Short Coaching Program

One intake session for evaluation and goal-setting, followed by 4 one hour sessions.

Long Coaching Program

One intake session for evaluation and goal-setting followed by 6 one hour sessions.

A Day of Communication Coaching

This full day program will allow several participants to enroll in individual one hour sessions, in which they can work with the coach on any communication issue they choose. Participants can bring a presentation for critique, questions about specific workplace situations, or general guidance in how to better express themselves. A full day program can accommodate up to 6 participants.


  • Share communication concerns.
  • Practice a presentation delivery.
  • Learn tips for problem-solving.
  • Get individual attention from an experienced coach.