Reading Skills

Below are our Reading Skills Courses. Please click for more information.

Fundamentals of Reading and Literacy

This program will help participants become better readers. Participants will review basic literacy skills and will practice applying them to reading and writing. This program will be developed to meet the needs and time constraints of participants.



  • Understand basic elements of reading including decoding and structure.
  • Learn organization strategies.
  • Develop vocabulary.
  • Learn ways to approach reading and writing tasks.
  • Develop strategies for remembering.

Reading for Speed and Comprehension

This course will help participants read efficiently and quickly. Participants will increase reading rate and improve comprehension in reading a variety of types of written material.



  • Understand the process of reading.
  • Apply principles of study skills to reading material.
  • Learn to adapt reading rate to reading purpose.
  • Increase comprehension of material.
  • Improve retention of material read.

Vocabulary Development

This course will help participants expand and enrich their personal vocabularies. Participants will learn how to make vocabulary learning a life-long project.



  • Develop a method for learning, remembering, and using new words.
  • Recognize commonly misused words.
  • Review tips for correct spelling and pronunciation.
  • Review use of cliches and slang.
  • Review word construction and usage.