Wish List of Communication Junkies

Wish List of Communication Junkies

A poll of random* folks asking them to comment on The State of  Communication in our Union, yielded some of the following:

  1. I wish people would use the word ‘said’


Yes:  “They said ‘This takes too long.’”

No:  “They were going, ‘This takes too long.’”Dear God, No:  “I was like, ‘This takes too long.’

  1. I wish people would begin sentences without saying “I mean…”


  1. I wish people would find a substitute for ‘sucks’ unless they’re describing the action of a baby and her lunch.


  1. It would be so interesting if people thought of new ways to say things instead of shopping for phrases in the same old tired, over-used cliche stores.


  1. And how about stocking up on some verbs and adjectives that haven’t been used 8 zillion times in the last week. It’s mind-candy for word- folks to hear our language actually being USED!


  1. Some said they would even give up on ‘literally’ in exchange for numbers 1 and 2 above. Wow.


Do you have anything to add to such a Wish List?  Let us know!

(* full disclosure:  everyone who was polled is a FOLAW – Friend of Language at Work- so there may be some statistical bias.)

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