What’s New!

What’s New!

Spotlight –   New Course Catalog!

The new Language at Work course catalog will make planning and scheduling easier, quicker, and more comprehensive.  Here’s what to know:  *   Download the catalog for easy reference  *   Our well-loved traditional courses have had an upgrade  *   We’ve introduced many new courses that reflect today’s training concernsTo celebrate the launch of our catalog, we’re offering a 10% discount for October bookings.  Let us help you pick the ones that will start your fall training with success.

Professional Development Tips

Strong communication skills are the basic requirement for every job.  Does your team know and practice these simple communication tools?1.      Listening – This may be the most important skill, as it can give you information about your audience, demo your intent to engage, and lead to solutions.2.      Clarity – Avoiding difficult parts of a message leads only to confusion.  Take time to be sure you are saying what you mean, not just what someone wants to hear.3.      Understanding – Communication is not just about conveying information; it’s also about building relationships.  Find commonality and find cooperation.See our catalog for the courses that help with these tools:   Listening for Results, Emotion Management, The Art of Conversation, Reframing: Turning Problems Into Opportunities, and others.

Quick Quiz

Question:  What is a feature of Active Listening?
  1.  No interruptions  2.  No planning your response  3.  Show that you understand by rephrasing what you hear  4.  Ask if the speaker wants your opinionAnswer:  Lucky you!  All are correct.  See how easy it is?  Let us bring a Listening class to your group~ Listening can be the key to the improved communication we all want.

Join the Conversation

We’d like to hear your thoughts about Artificial Intelligence in your workplace.  What are the current concerns and issues with which improved communication skills could help?  Send us an email to: contactus@languageatwork.com

Visit our website to learn more about how our courses and services could improve your operations — www.languageatwork.com.


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