Webinar Programs from Language at Work

Webinar Programs from Language at Work

Keep your training program active and your workers engaged.  Participating in a webinar is energizing, and will remind your workers of your continued investment in their learning.  Here are some topics that are popular.  You may have others- just let us know!

Influencing and Persuading
This program will help participants learn the skills and behaviors that cause others to follow their lead.  When working apart from colleagues, it is important to be able to gain cooperation and to communicate in ways that advance work projects.  Participants will learn to frame ideas in ways that others can understand and accept.

Crisis Communication
This program will help participants recognize and address the fears and suspicions that accompany crisis and change, and better communicate with staff, colleagues, and coworkers in ways that inspire trust, demystify issues, and promote clarity.

Clarity and Brevity in Writing
This program will help participants create clear and effective documents that are readily accessible to the reader.  Participants will learn to plan and organize their writing so that purposes are identified, and proposed action is clear.  They will learn strategies for editing in order to avoid wordiness.

Basics of Better Business Writing
This program will help participants learn basic guidelines for producing error- free documents.  Participants will review elements that make writing effective, and will consider tone, language, format, grammatical and structural conventions, and consistency in their documents.

Getting a Grip on Conflict
This program will help participants anticipate and manage situations that can lead to conflict.  Participants will explore common causes of conflict, particularly those that arise from the need to adapt to new work conditions, and will learn skills to address conflict in productive ways.

Listening is Not Just Hearing
This program will help participants improve the quality of their communication by developing strong listening skills. Challenging situations present barriers to communication that can be overcome by active listening. Participants will learn strategies for improving concentration and maintaining focus in the face of distractions.

Speaking With Power
This program will help participants speak with confidence and competence in a variety of settings by learning to apply basic communication skills to all situations.  Participants will learn that they can use the same communication strategies when speaking in conversations, meetings, and in responding to impromptu requests.

Grammar Gremlins
This program will help participants recognize their own grammar usage, and identify misunderstandings in structural and grammatical conventions.  Participants will understand the effects on their own writing and speaking of errors, and will learn and review common rules.

Managing Up
This program will help participants develop and maintain productive and collaborative relationships with those in positions of authority.  During challenging and changing times, communication is a key element in working together, and the ability to express opinions, ideas, and concerns is important.  Participants will learn how to take active roles in their interactions, and will learn strategies for communicating assertively with confidence.

Be An Effective Team Member
This program will help participants recognize the importance of being a strong team member, particularly when teams are scattered, and are working together in new ways.  Participants will learn skills and strategies for making and being recognized for contributions to their teams, and for continuing to develop their own work performance.

Tips for Teleworking
This program will help participants make the best of a remote working situation, and learn to maintain their effectiveness and productivity.  Participants will develop plans and routines that promote efficiency, and will learn time and self management tips, as well as ways to adapt communication and teamwork skills to their extended workplace.

Managing Your Remote Workforce
This program will help participants identify the many changes that employees face in adapting to a new work format, and will learn to guide their teams to continued productivity.  Participants will learn practical strategies for organizing work flow as well as techniques for maintaining morale and motivation.

Dealing With Difficult
This program will help participants better manage situations, people, and conditions that cause concern.  During stressful times it is harder to be calm and resourceful in the face of unwelcome behavior or situations.  Participants will learn to consider what causes difficulty, and what strategies could be employed to help reduce tension and disorder

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Judith Pollock,

President, Language at Work