The Future of Work- Hybrid?

The Future of Work- Hybrid?







How much time do you spend thinking about how workplace changes are affecting you and your colleagues?

How will you plan, meet, discuss, monitor, collaborate, evaluate or just toss around ideas in an environment devoid of actual people?

How will you position yourself for career growth? And what’s the best way to be sure your ideas are being heard and considered?

If your contribution style is nuanced, subtle, and thoughtful, how will you fare in short, infrequent group discussions in which the more assertive voices are more likely to be heard?

Changes in the way workplaces are structured will require many adjustments. Are you ready to adapt to them?

Communication skills will be more important than ever as you adapt to different demands on your time, patience, space, flexibility, and creativity.

Need help? Talk to us about communicating in the hybrid world of work. If it isn’t here yet for you – it will be.