The Diva and the Devil

The Diva and the Devil


The girls are ready for Halloween, and they’ve chosen costumes of people we might all recognize.

Every place has at least one Diva, says Alice.  At the dog park the Diva is the one who demands that others play her way, or follow her lead.  She doesn’t always have the best ideas, but she has a forceful presentation, and can be intimidating.  Her bark may be worse than her bite, but who wants to hear that bark!

Jane knows a few Devils.  She says they can show up in unexpected places, turning what starts as a friendly sharing of sniffs into chaos and ruffled fur.  You can’t always tell what will set them off.  And their bites might be just as frightful as their barks.

The girls remind us that difficult personalities can cause trouble in any environment.  Whether we’re in a meeting, working with a team, navigating a new project, or just interacting with one another, someone whose behavior demands attention gets in the way of getting things done.

Alice and Jane are good communicators. They know when to give a lip curl warning or a definitive snarl, when to resist engagement, and when to just walk away.

If you need help knowing when and how to employ your lip curls, snarls, and exits let us know.  Our communication skills courses are just what you need to manage the divas and devils in your world.

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