The Course You Want

The Course You Want

Everyone wants communication in their workplace to be smooth, productive, and drama free.  In order to solve problems, generate ideas, establish routines people talk.

But:  are they talking TO one another or WITH one another?

For many people the main task of their communication is how to say whatever it is they want to say in order to get their points out there.  The most significant part of the communication – what the other person is doing with that information – isn’t even considered.  Not a surprise, then, when communication (an interaction between at least 2 people)  goes awry.

If the ‘other person’ in the communication isn’t listening, interested, satisfied,  included, considered, or if the speaker persists in delivering an welcome message in spite of hints that there is resistance – communication fails.

Speakers not only need to figure out how to deliver a message, they also need to know how to adjust that delivery in the face of audience response.

Here’s how:  People Literacy .

This course helps speakers read their audiences – even as they are speaking- and shows how to make adjustments to ensure a successful exchange.   Learn how language, tone, physicality, timing and other elements can be used  to recognize your audience’s reactions.  You’ll know how your message is being received, and can adjust accordingly.  Control of the encounter can be yours!