Summer Tune-Up

Summer Tune-Up

Take advantage of these inviting summer months to do something you’ve been wanting to do.  Two months is just enough time to get some advice, get some practice, get rid of cobwebs, and – Get In shape!

Is your writing less clear and sharp as you’d like?

Are there grammatical questions that keep popping up?

Are your emails rambling?

Do you dread workplace disagreements?

Is speaking in public a nightmare?

Do people have trouble understanding what you mean?


A communication skills tune-up can help.  Many communication problems can be quickly solved with the help of a coach, and a few guided exercises.

Think of it as a visit to the gym for your communication. An easy lift!

Call us to reserve your spot at the gym.  Your coach is waiting

Contact us at 202-298-7700 to learn how a communication skill tune-up can help.