Guest post by Jane Pollock, Dog at Work



Spring seems like a good time to get rid of unwanted stuff.  For some of us, the shedding is fairly organic, and a good scratch helps the process along.

For others, shedding requires a little more effort, and there are many areas in which one might want to focus shedding attention.  Speech might be a good place to start

Those of us who don’t say much are generally good listeners, and we hear people say things that would be good candidates for a shedding project.  I’m sure you hear some unwanted verbiage from time to time.  Unnecessary words that make the speaker sound inattentive to language.

Such as:

‘Like” – as in “She did the report, and I’m like what time did you start?”


“I’m like too busy today to like put up with that.”

“I mean” – as in beginning every sentence with it.

“really, sort of” – as in  ‘He wants to really, sort of  encourage their work.”

I’m sure there are more, but these are standouts to me.  How about you? Is there any shedding that would scratch your itch?

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