Seasonal Communication

Seasonal Communication

Fall is the season of good communication.  Fall is crisp and clear.  It has energy.  It holds its weight lightly, and carries itself forth with strength and confidence. Fall is honest about where it’s been and where it’s going.  You know where you stand with Fall.

Not for Fall the collapsing heat of summer that encourages avoidance and indecision, the winter inflexibility that shields and numbs, or the spring effervescence that mistakes goodwill for connection.  Summer communication melts away; winter interactions stall; spring talk bubbles and bursts.

No, Fall crunches her thoughts like leaves and lets the air toss them around until she knows exactly what she is thinking.  The words that she selects to carry those thoughts are precise.  She offers them with energy and her step is light and confident because she knows what she wants to happen.

Fall can avoid “… just bump it up a bit.” and “….some issues around that…”, and she frowns at “….no, it’s okay, but…”

We all dabble in the other seasons now and then, but just as we feel nourished and satisfied when September spreads before us, we welcome the clarity and cool assurance of Fall communication because it can make us feel a little like we know what we’re doing.

Welcome, Fall!

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