More Email Tyranny

More Email Tyranny

Dima’s email to the 5 people in her department:

Hi, guys- I’m so glad spring is finally here- let’s get some flowers for the break room. 

           Okay with you if I bring some tomorrow?

Moxie:  Sure.

Toyo:  What kind?  The smelly things- no.  We have to eat in there.

Dima:  You mean lilies?  No, I was thinking tulips or something.

Ander:  Tulips don’t smell?  Who’s paying for these?

Dima:  I’ll pay for them.  So not tulips?

Laxin:  Such a nice idea!

Toyo:  Aren’t we supposed to take things like that from petty cash?  I don’t think tulips

           have a scent.

Ander:  I think we have to agree on what comes out of petty cash.  And how much is in

           there anyway?  Didn’t we pay for the retirement party muffins last month?

Toyo: No, we passed a hat or something for the muffins when we got the retirement gift.

Ander:  Well, that should have come from petty cash.  Who’s in charge of petty cash? 

           And how much was that gift finally?  Did we ever get a receipt?

Laxin:  It was a beautiful gift!

Toyo:  We can talk about the petty cash at the meeting.  When is that- next week?

Moxie:  I’m out next week.

Dima:  So – no flowers?

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