Maybe It Isn’t a Listening Issue

Maybe It Isn’t a Listening Issue

The other day in the park Edgar and I watched our friend, Clover, being summoned by her person.

Come, Clover.



Come on, Clover!

Come on, girl! Let’s go.

Come ON, Clover!

CLO.VER. Come!

Clover! I know you hear me! What’re you…Come HERE, Clover!

As she stomped past, Clover’s person scowled at us. “That dog doesn’t listen.”

Doesn’t listen? I don’t know. I’m pretty sure Clover heard, which is a pre-requisite for listening; I’m guessing she knows the meanings of the words she heard; and I expect she can intuit the feelings that underlie those words. Sounds like listening to me. So why didn’t she come?

She didn’t want to.

What has Clover learned from this? She can do what she wants.

What has Clover’s owner learned? Nothing.

What have I learned? Observing communication is endlessly entertaining.

What has Edgar learned? Hold on, I’ll check. Edgar, come!