Little Thanks Mean A Lot

Little Thanks Mean A Lot

As we are appropriately being reminded by just about everything these days, there is much for which to be thankful. Mostly, the reminders focus on The Big Things: health, family, friends, jobs, food, and now and then something lovely and indulgent. In communication-land there are opportunities for giving thanks, as well, perhaps more than we normally think about.

Thank you” is an open communication, allowing others in and allowing you out. Just in saying the words, a face brightens, tension eases, the moment softens.

“Thanks- this was a great idea!”

“Thanks for checking back with me.”

“Thanks for chopping the onions.”

“Thanks for sitting with me a while.”

Giving credit is another thank you:

“That was Horace’s idea.”

“Arminta suggested we try this.”

“I would never have thought of this- good for you.”

“Your pecan pie was better than mine.”

And, like many good communication actions, this thanks-giving makes the giver feel good. So why not have thanks-giving all year round, not just on the wonderful day when we eat too much.

Thank you to all our blog buddies!