Exciting News! Grammar Bootcamp! 90 Minute Intensive Webinar

Exciting News! Grammar Bootcamp! 90 Minute Intensive Webinar

Get ready to elevate your language skills with our upcoming public webinar, “Grammar Bootcamp”!  Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just getting started, this intensive session is designed to fine-tune your grammar prowess.  Secure your spot now with Grammar Bootcamp!Tuesday, December 19, 2023Time: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm ESTREGISTER NOW

Overview Turbocharge your understanding of key grammar essentials with this dynamic focused session.  Uncover the most common grammatical pitfalls and learn strategies to overcome them.  Speaking and writing correctly elevates your communication and gives an immediate professional stamp on your interactions; this accelerated session will help you get there.    Employers want clients to know that their organization is competent and diligent, but employees with poor grammar give a different picture.  Employees want to feel confident that they have the skills and credibility to advance their careers.  Knowledge and use of clear, standard grammar is a mark of professionalism and pride.  Join those who are comfortable that they are making the right choices in word choice, structure, punctuation, and grammar.  Many of us have simply forgotten the rules we learned, or have fallen into habits of usage that are hard to break.  With this lively session you can quickly reclaim your grammar creds, and bring your communication to a new level.  What you Will Learn  After this session you will know correct usage of common grammar, punctuation, and structure elements, and will learn helpful resources for expanding and maintaining your understanding.   Who Should Attend 

  • Individuals who want to learn grammar rules they might have missed
  • Professionals who want a quick grammar refresher
  • Employers who want to help staff avoid grammatical errors in writing and speaking

Instructor  Christy Woods is a national speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant, and she is a recognized expert in grammar and language use.  She conducts training and coaching sessions in all areas of communication to public and private organizations and individuals.   Cost $159.00 / per person       REGISTER NOW Additional Notes

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Upon successful payment, a confirmation email with webinar access details will be sent to the provided email address.
  • For group registrations, please provide the names and email addresses of all participants.

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