Don’t Lose the Plot!

Don’t Lose the Plot!

Everyone is reading or writing or obsessing about The Hybrid Workplace, and good for them.  There is much to be learned, and a lot of energy and creativity is called for as each organization figures out what works best.

But what is happening to training during this time of change and transition?   Long regarded as the easiest corporate activity to ignore or postpone when everyone snaps to attention during a crisis, training may be sliding off everyone’s screen right now.

Big mistake.

Training is not only an arena for information exchange.  Training is where workers connect, share, and keep their career development engines humming.  As they navigate the advantages and disadvantages of however The Hybrid Workplace is affecting them, workers face some issues of their own.  Training can help them.

Training can:

  • Minimize proximity bias
  • Help individuals stay visible
  • Promote networking
  • Provide opportunities for contributing
  • Allow continued access to other workers and departments
  • Help balance control and trust


Organizing a new Hybrid Workplace without a strong training program is like a story without a strong plot line that starts off strong but veers off in disappointing directions.  Keep your story strong!

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