Courses You Want #2:  Build Better Boundaries

Courses You Want #2:  Build Better Boundaries

Disagreements, misunderstanding, and resentment can send any relationship off track – and consequences can be annoying or disastrous.

Much can be avoided by observing boundaries.  


The term ‘Boundaries’ can be off-putting, as it suggests rules and barbed wire fences, but we have them and attend to them all the time.  Do you open someone else’s desk to look for a stapler?  Do you look at someone else’s email to check a meeting time?   Do you jump into an argument between others?

Or do you want someone telling you how to manage your teen-ager – or your brother reviewing your recent spending choices?  Or a team member correcting your report?


The reasons boundaries cause trouble include:

  • We don’t recognize what is ‘ours’
  • We don’t know how to set them
  • We aren’t sure if we should or can say what is okay with us or not
  • We fear sounding bossy or uncooperative or unfriendly.

With a few (sort of simple) changes, we can learn to recognize, establish, define and ask for boundaries, and prevent a lot of annoyance.  And disaster.

Let us help you and your group get on those- you can Build Better Boundaries.