Communication is Hot!

Communication is Hot!

Other than the virus, the topic most frequently being discussed, or practiced or sought, is communication. So many people have so many questions, and so many others have chaotic thoughts that aren’t even ready to be formed into questions.

Work goes on, but so do the questions, and so does the underlying anxiety and confusion that can pull us toward chaos.

Where does communication come in, you may ask, if we don’t have answers to those questions, or ideas about the anxiety?  Who is supposed to be doing this communicating?

In times of The Unknown, whatever it is, we all turn to our leaders or to those who have shown themselves to be reliable dispensers of what we need, be it information, or help, or advice.  In the workplace, about issues related to our work, we turn to the people in charge and to the people who we believe will say something true.  Truth is pretty valuable in a crisis.

Being the person responsible for dispensing this information can be daunting, and most people are not prepared.  While much about communicating in a crisis may be intuitive, there are definite ways to do it effectively, and definite things to avoid.

Crisis Communication can be learned, and the steps suggested can be immediately employed.  Anyone can benefit from getting a grip on communicating effectively and helpfully, and, like a virus, these communication skills can quickly spread throughout your workplace.  Contribute to the calm: let us help you.

Crisis Communication can be offered in a webinar for your workplace, or in coaching for individuals.