Back to School:  Blues or Blessing?

Back to School:  Blues or Blessing?

From a student who sings the blues:

“When school starts I feel behind already – there’s going to be so much to learn.”

A student who sees a blessing:

“I can’t wait to get back and start learning new things- and catching up on stuff I’ve forgotten.”

Whether entering 1st grade or 40-somethingth grade, September brings similar thoughts: starting something new, learning new skills, getting better at something, reviewing things we’ve let slide into habit – another chance!

If your group brightens at thoughts of sharpened pencils, lucky you.  Bring on the training!

If your group has a September slump, maybe this is a time to help them sharpen some skills along with those pencils.  Do communication deficiencies hold them back?  Do conflicts send them hiding under the desks?  Do they avoid writing? Speaking?  Remember how easy it was for skills to slide over the summer?  Now can be the time to get them back!

Fall courses to get everyone back in action:

Who can resist?

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