Ambiguity: Friend or Foe?

Ambiguity: Friend or Foe?

It feels counter-intuitive to imagine that uncertainty could be a friend. Who likes ‘I dunno” as an answer? Indeed there are situations in which grey is a safer choice than black or white, altho many of those situations are ambiguous – read ‘evasive’ – by choice. Ambiguity when one needs clarity, is just frustrating.

Workplace ambiguity can be working on a project without having all the necessary information, or having it in bits and pieces, or getting it later than you need. It can be relying on people to do their part of something for which you’ll be praised or blamed. Or it can be hearing directions that are vague or incomplete, or being given information that has conditions or qualifiers, on which information you need to plan or organize other aspects of your life.

Our new course is helping people work through some of these issues. No, we can’t eliminate ambiguity, but we can get some clarity about our responses to it. Where in a problem is ambiguity the biggest concern: before, during, or after the situation? Does having that information affect how you approach it? And, are there ways that ambiguity can help your creativity, bolster your initiative, or uncover your leadership chops?

It’s no surprise to anyone that communication is a big factor in whether or not you let ambiguity be your foe, and if you can find ways to befriend it, and learn to thrive in these uncertain times.

Feeling uncertain? Let us help.

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