Happy Valentine’s Day to Helpers

Happy Valentine’s Day to Helpers


This is Jane, Dog at work, who you may have seen on our web site. This is Jane in her new role of Helper To The New Puppy.  As any good Helper knows, helping is a complicated task, and often involves letting others try things for themselves.  Helpers deserve a lot of gratitude, which we are here to distribute on Valentine’s Day.

Many of you are helpers, even if you aren’t recognized as such. When you plan a class for your department, when you steer a new employee to the right resource, when you help a colleague find information, when you stop and listen to the concerns of another – you’re a helper.  Just as Jane is thrust into the role of helper to the new puppy, we don’t always ask to be in that position, and often it isn’t easy.

Helpers find answers and solve problems and along the way, they contribute to others becoming their better selves.  For these quiet gifts, we offer a valentine to helpers.

Good communication has saved the day for many a helper. Knowing when to roll with another’s enthusiasm, when to growl a caution, and when to step away from the water dish are valuable skills. Let us help you with yours.

Even the best helpers need a friendly paw sometimes.  Right, Jane?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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