Welcome New Year 2018!

Welcome New Year 2018!

So much chatter about New Year resolutions:  what to resolve, how to stick to them, why we do them, how to integrate them into our slug lives.

The most popular resolutions have to do with Improvement.  Physical improvement, consumption improvement, relationship improvement – these all seem to be worthy subjects for our attention.  And isn’t it wonderful that we recognize the value of making some positive changes.

Here in the training trenches, we are at the ready for Communication Improvement requests, which has to be at the top of anyone’s list of Things That Will Really Make a Difference.  Is this one of your resolutions?

Maybe it should be.

In the interest of Resolution Improvement, here are some things that might suggest that a Communication Improvement Program would fit into your plan:

  • Do the people with whom you work have trouble understanding you?
  • Do you have the same conversations repeatedly – with the same people?
  • Do arguments flare up in many of your conversations?
  • Do you avoid speaking about certain topics or situations?
  • Are you intimidated by others?
  • Are others intimidated by you?
  • Are there problems that you want to address, but…..

Maybe your workplace would run more smoothly if everyone’s communication was more smooth; maybe your relationships would click along more easily; maybe you’d find more time for all the other resolutions you’d like to keep; maybe problem employees would be less problematic.

Make 2018 the year you resolve to improve communication –   Contact Language at Work today to schedule a communication skills training class at your organization.