Toward Precision

Toward Precision

“That was really something!” I said recently. My friend asked if I could expand on “something” so she’d know what I meant.

In line at Starbucks one fellow asked his friend if he’d gone to the party after the game. “Yeah, it was ridiculous!” spat his friend.

These two articulations occurred within moments of one another, and the fact that I was the speaker of one of them got my attention. I was very grateful to my friend for pushing me to say what I thought. I think the tone of my voice gave her a hint that I was describing something positive, but that’s a big field, positive!

Similarly, the victim of the ridiculous party suggested with his disdain that his report was negative. But again- lots to work with there. And, can we be sure about the negative?

I had to stop speaking and think. It took a little longer to screen some word choices and select a few, but it felt good. I felt more connected to my experience for having had to think about it.

I can’t say the same for the party-goer, but I did entertain myself in line wondering what his other word choices would have been.

Say what you mean. Wonderful! For both of us.