Speak Up!

Speak Up!

Speaking up, or saying what you want or need, is difficult for most people.  When we disagree, have questions, want clarity, or feel uncomfortable in a situation, we face the speak up challenge.  Be silent and hope for the best?  Or say something to indicate our preference for a different direction?  But what to say- and how to say it?

Some people use sarcasm or humor to deflect.  Others feel defensive and respond accordingly.  Others attack. Others make vague and neutral noises, hoping for deniability if things don’t go their way. Usually these responses cause more trouble; they certainly don’t solve the immediate problem, or move things along.

Reasons for not speaking up are usually fear that others will become angry or defensive, making the situation worse, and not knowing the words or tone that will convey the message without sounding aggressive.  Lack of confidence prevents most people from trying.  They wonder if they have a right to say something that might sound disagreeable or uncooperative, so they either remain silent, or indicate disapproval in other ways, ways that can be unhelpful, unwelcome, and certainly confusing.

Help is available.

Speak Up! – The Webinar is our first open enrollment project.

One hour, many tips, budget-friendly, and easy to fit into the day.

August 24, 2021 from 1-2pm EST – call to enroll your group.

Come on – speak up!

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