Heard on the radio: A woman had a Botox treatment which removed what she called frown lines from her forehead. After the treatment her face was no longer arranged in a permanent scowl, and when she went forth passersby smiled at her. She smiled back. Relationships developed.

Says she, with wonder, “My life has been changed!”

With all due respect to the bennies of Botox, might this have happened if she had chosen to smile, even with those frown lines, as she went forth? Without knowing any more of her story than this titillating snippet, I’m wondering if what was removed was a barrier to her self-confidence in the form of a belief that someone with lines on her face is not deserving of smiles. Or relationships.

And I’m reminded of one of The Many Truths About Communication: we are always communicating. Even when we scurry down the hall at the office, minds entwined in very important thoughts, our faces are sending messages, whether we are aware or not of the messages, and whether we have arranged or not our faces into a desired expression.

We can be in control of the messages we send with our very expressive faces, and we can even do it without Botox. For free!

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