Now Playing: The Holiday Show

Now Playing: The Holiday Show

The Holiday Grinch concedes that while Purchasing and Acquiring seem to be the stars of the show this month, there are other roles in the play which are worth noting, and which save the show from collapsing into total commercial gloom. The Grinch refers to these roles as “bit parts”, and they are usually lumped together in the credits as “the spirit of the season” or “the true meaning” or some such. As we know, however, “there are no small parts; only small actors.” Do we therefore blame the secondary status of these bits on the actors, who dutifully acknowledge them, but then trip over themselves while clamoring after the stars – Purchasing! Acquiring!

Who are these other players in the Holiday Season? Favorites include joy, peace, wonder, love, light, sharing, and of course, merry and bright. The Grinch wonders how we can give these players bigger roles; could we even make them the stars of the show for a while! In her perverse way, the Grinch likes almost everything to be about communication, and she likes things to be easy, since these days she is busy…uh…purchasing. So, consider: what would give those other players a bigger role in your holiday life:

– Give: Give time to others, so there is room for the growth of peace, love, and joy;

– Listen: Listen to others, so light can be shed on the dark spots and wonder can peep out;

– Allow: Let in even the ungraceful things that are said so that you might hear the music under the words;

– Accept: Open hearts and minds are more inviting places for merry and bright to move into.

– Smile: Make a smile your default face for a while. A real smile won’t make your facial muscles hurt.

And rejoice~ Soon the show will be over and Purchasing and Acquiring will leave the stage and assume their normal roles in our lives. Maybe then we can elevate those bit parts to starring roles, and let them get the applause for the rest of the year!

Happy Holidays~ and thanks for being our audience this year!