Lessons From Working From Home

Lessons From Working From Home

Those who are working in isolated spaces away from their colleagues have learned something:  Email is important!

People can’t pop in and out of offices or catch up in the halls or chat over coffee, but communication needs to continue, so email now takes center stage, and folks are realizing what we picky communication people have been saying for years:  Email is important!

By which I mean, the quality of email writing is now getting attention.  People have noticed that email is NOT just ‘talking written down’.  Email is writing.  Those who receive the email message aren’t listening to it – they’re reading it, and they don’t have the cues to meaning that they get in an oral communication interaction. They don’t see the facial expressions or body language that modify words, and they don’t hear the tone of voice that contributes to meaning.  They have only words, and often too many of them.  Readers of emails now recognize the frustration of trying to decipher meaning in a tangle of run-on sentences, repetition, casual grammar, creative spelling.  The terms ‘clarity and brevity’ are being more closely considered.

Is it time for your folks to be reminded that the quality of their writing says a lot about them and about your organization?  After all, in these days of working alone, email is important!

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