Getting an A

Getting an A

Untangling the confusion about these A words is worth the effort!

  1. All ready and already:

Use all ready to show that everyone is ready:

Is Hortense ready?  Is the dog ready?  Are the twins ready?  Are you  all ready?

Use already to show that something happened before the expected time.

The tulips have already bloomed- two months earlier than last year!

And:  Our tickets have already been stamped.  We are all ready to  begin.


  1. All together and altogether:

Use all together when you mean “assembled” or “in a group”.

The girls are all together in the cafeteria.

Use altogether when you mean “entirely”.

He was altogether infuriated at the delay.

And: I am altogether delighted that our family members are all together  today.


  1. Alot and a lot:

This is easy.   Alot is not a word.  A lot means, well…a lot:  You used

to have no candy. Then you had a little. Now you have a lot.  Give me  some!

  1. All right and alright:

This is also easy.  Alright is not a word.  All right is used in  informal speech to mean that everything is as agreed- okay.