Feeling Dispirited?

Feeling Dispirited?

Snow and cold weather aren’t the only things that can sap our spirits. Waiting for conditions to be right for training can drain energy from the most enthusiastic of us. Low budgets, reduced staff, scarce time have all curtailed the rich offerings of critical skill training that filled calendars not so long ago.

But waiting for barriers to melt away can be dangerous. Work goes on; communication – good or bad – goes on; and those on whom you depend for your organization’s success are speaking and writing to your customers and clients without the benefit of communication or customer service training.

Instead of watching errors and misunderstandings pile up, it is possible to weather these tight times without abandoning employee development. Some organizations plow on with training, knowing that money invested now will save money in the long run; others pare down their training to the essentials, and engage in cost-saving strategies that remind employees that good communication is a company value.

Looking for ways to heat up your training during the cold? Let us help you create workshops, mentoring, lunch lessons, webinars~ there are many ways to keep your training alive until better times spring forward.

Remember, one cost of poor communication is lost business. Don’t let the winter blues freeze your training. Call us (202-298-7700) for help in making it through the cold times with cost-effective instruction.

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