Essential Professional Skills

Essential Professional Skills

Again and again we hear employers say that they can train new employees to do the work of their organizations, but they need people who can communicate and manage themselves.   They want people who can navigate through a discussion and listen to the ideas of others.  And they want people who know how to position themselves in a work group – using their communication and self-management skills to be ready to go.

Alas, not everyone comes to the job with these skills.  But many enthusiastic, bright, eager workers can quickly learn them, and when they do, everyone benefits.

Here are some of the topics that are addressed:

  • Recognize your role in the mission of the organization
  • Review basic communication and interpersonal skills
  • Speak so others will listen and take you seriously
  • Understand the levels of initiative and their applications
  • Develop the skills to expand your work responsibilities
  • Learn strategies for negotiation and persurasion
  • Use listening as a key communication strategy
  • Develop strategies for managing your time and resources

In addition to these topics, our Essential Professional Skills course allows you to add any topics or tasks that are specific to your needs.  We encourage all participants to bring their ideas and concerns, as well.  We want the course to be essential to everyone!