Coaching for All

Coaching for All

Attending a class is wonderful: gathering info, sharing ideas, venting a little, hearing different perspectives.  Some of our classes have waiting lists!

But sometimes a class doesn’t fit.  Sometimes a person has a communication need that others don’t have, so a group class isn’t available.  Sometimes a person wants more attention than can be gained in a large group, and sometimes a person just has a few questions and issues and doesn’t need a whole class.  What to do?


Individuals and their managers seek coaching for a variety of reasons.  Here are some:

  • A presentation is to be given soon – help!
  • There is an on-going clash with another person and help is needed to sort it.
  • Someone has advanced in her career, but grammatical gaps are now showing up; it would be embarrassing to attend a class
  • People have complained about the harsh behavior exhibited by one person. A few coaching sessions might clear this up.
  • A new manager is feeling lost and intimidated but can’t find exactly the right management class.


These are just a few of the reasons people have come to us for individual coaching, which can be offered in two ways:

  1. Individual and coach meet, talk on phone, and email over several weekly sessions.
  2. One day is devoted to hour long individual coaching sessions for 5-6 people at client’s site. This is good for several people in one organization who can come for an hour to get help with a specific concern.

But, if neither of these works for you- give us a call at 202.298.7700. Coaching is individualized, and so is our planning.