Civility at Work

Civility at Work

The girls are not ready adaptors of the costume custom for Halloween, but they know that the culture of their workplace includes civility, so they are happy to participate.

Alas, their collegiality sometimes calls into question the role of civility in their environment.  There are others who disagree with the custom in general and those who take issue with the specific choices.  And many of them express their disagreement.

One burly fellow snarls at the notion of accepting an idea without having his objections solicited; growling is heard from a few who seem to fear the change and want not to be drawn in; sharp, snippy twists of attitude are displayed by some who are suspicious of whatever motive might underlie this weirdness; and there is always the grumbling from those who dislike anything they haven’t thought of themselves.

The girls do find these responses objectionable, but they’re encouraged to remember that cordial interactions turn out better than disagreements.

And besides, the next time it rains, who will be in a plastic yellow coat?

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